W/T Blade Repair & Maintenance
Compblades is the development of the wind turbine (W/T) blade division of an enterprise established in 1967 to produce marine structures and leisure boats made of composite materials. 
Compblades has developed and manufactured several PROTOTYPE molds and W/T blades in the frame of both National and European research projects. Blade development was performed in collaboration with the UNIVERSITY OF PATRAS (UP), responsible for conceptual and structural design, the NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS (NTUA), conducting the aerodynamic and aeroelastic design, and the CENTER FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES & SAVING (CRES), responsible for static and fatigue lab tests, W/T load and power curve measurements at the wind park as well as for certification processes.
Compblades has been performing successful repair work on W/T blades for over a decade. The established know-how of Compblades and the applied R&D gained from these collaborations form the basis of the competitive Compblades activation in the novel field of blade repair and reconstruction.

Compblades expertise is focused on:

  • Repair and reconstruction of W/T blades, nacelles, spinners
  • Construction of molds for prototype blades and manufacturing of prototype blades and other composite parts of wind turbines
  • W/T blade inspection and damage assessment
  • Structural design and reverse engineering