W/T Blade Repair & Maintenance
REPAIRED DAMAGE CASES: Indicative defect cases repaired and in-service without problems
MEGAWIND: Manufacturing of 30m blade mould and 30m split blade. This innovative blade design addressed the major problem of large blade transportation in inaccessible areas for machines with 1.3MW nominal output power (ENK5-CT2000-00328)
DAMPBLADE: Manufacturing of a 19m blade, with a damping mechanism in the structural design and choice of materials, to deal with resonance of blades in operation, in cold climates in particular (ENK6-CT2000-00320)
AEGIS: Manufacturing of 4.5m blade mould and 10 blades of 4.5m with predefined artificial defects and embedded fiber optics in order to develop and evaluate NDT methods (Ultrasonics and Acoustic Emission) (JOR3-CT98-0283)
ADAPTURB: An innovative 19m blade with an aerodynamic hydraulic brake was built for a Spanish W/T manufacturer (JOR3-CT98-0251)
EPET-II #573: Mould development of 3 blade designs (9m, 14m and 19m) as well as fabrication of 4 blades (1+3) for each design for 110kW, 350kW and 600kW wind turbines
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