W/T Blade Repair & Maintenance

Compblades developed and manufactured several molds and W/T blades up to 30m length in the frame of both National and European research projects. Blades were subjected to full-scale static and fatigue tests as well as load and power curve measurements conducted when blades were mounted on the machines. Completed R&D projects are listed below:  

Compblades is conducting extensive applied research aiming to improve the parameters controlling success of each repair work. Test campaigns and dedicated studies on adhesive thickness, secondary bonding, overlapping length, repair technologies, materials, curing parameters etc are almost complete. Most recent studies conducted in collaboration with the Univ. of Patras (Department of Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics) involve evaluation of Non-Destructive Techniques (NDT) for inspection and damage assessment of repair and are soon to be incorporated to Compblades services.