W/T Blade Repair & Maintenance
Compblades Manager: Theodore Kossivas 
Mechanical Engineer, Degree from Department of Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics (Univ. of Patras 1987-1993), M.Sc in Polymers and Composites Engineering (Katholic Univ. of Leuven 1993-1995), Responsible for load measurements on blades and wind turbines (CRES 1996-1999), Technical Director for the development and construction of molds and blades up to 30m length, Production Manager of composite parts for leisure boats (Geoviologiki-Aktotechniki SA 1999-2007).

Compblades motivated executives have extensive (unique in Greece) experience of more than 15 years in the development and construction of prototype blades up to 30m length and Compblades personnel more than 20 years experience in composite materials.

Compblades is in long R&D-oriented cooperation collaboration with the Department of Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics (Univ. of Patras) since 1997. Their mutual research area includes blade conceptual and structural design, reverse engineering, repair design and parameter investigation and non-destructive inspection. 

Towards constant development of the provided services, Compblades is introducing blade inspection via ROPE ACCESS. Head of the rope access team is certified Mountain Guide and Vertical Access Trainer 
Aris Theodoropoulos.

Compblades is in recent collaboration with Smart Blade GmbH (LANG GROUP,
) leading innovation in the area of aerodynamic design of wind turbines and W/T blades. On Smart Blade account Compblades conducts conceptual and structural blade design for wind turbines. Compblades and Smart Blade collaboration is now commercializing to provide combined services worldwide upon customer request.