W/T Blade Repair & Maintenance
Subjected to mechanical loading and extreme environmental conditions (humid atmosphere and thermal fatigue as well as lightning strikes) during their entire operational life, W/T blades are most prone to damage. Constant "monitoring" of the blade STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY (inspection and damage assessment/management) and a proper action plan can sustain undisturbed W/T operation within manufacturer standards. This leads to reduction of W/T idle time and is expected to extend W/T operational life translating to immediate increase of the wind park income. 

Towards this concept Compblades provides the following inspection services for W/T blades: 
  • Inspection during blade storage as well as during shipping and installation to report defects and accidental damage
  • Blade inspection prior to the expiration date of the manufacturer guarantee
  • Damage assessment and management: Damage categorization and establishment of the appropriate action list for repair coordination (based on the long Compblades experience on composite materials and mold/blade production as well as on the experimental and numerical simulation of the damage). Introducing and establishing a blade maintenance book
  • Inspection conducted on the ground, on working platforms or via ROPE ACCESS
  • Inspections in Greece and worldwide 
  • Technical report on W/T blade inspection addressed to insurance companies/park owners/banks  
  • Annual contracts encompassing scheduled inspections and damage management
  • Know-how transfer from Compblades experts to the wind park personnel regarding minor repairs  (to be conducted under Compblades coordination while under contract) 
  • Technical consulting to owners, investors, insurance companies