W/T Blade Repair & Maintenance
CORRECT REPAIR DESIGN and REPAIR PROCEDURES & TECHNOLOGY are crucial for maximum blade structural integrity restoration. A dedicated and unique repair procedure is applied in each structural defect case, aiming to minimize W/T idle time and ensure immediate resumption of W/T operation, considering blade weight and class preservation and respecting tight working time frames. Maximum restoration leads to preservation and extension of blade operational life.

In Compblades repair work, repair (GL-approved) materials are applied in the appropriate environmental conditions using heat blankets and hot bonders to ensure proper curing programs for the resins. Materials are applied using wet hand lay-up and vacuum bagging techniques.

In correspondence to the abovementioned requirements, Compblades provides the following W/T blade repair services: 

  • Scheduled and unscheduled repair on the site and at the workshop
  • Repair on the ground and on the machine 
  • Static balancing (conducted in extensive repairs)
  • Detailed technical documentation
Repair work for all DIFFERENT BLADE DEFECT CASES is performed: Pin-holes, structural and non-structural cracks, leading-edge erosion, cosmetic restoration, delaminations, debondings, reconstruction, shear-web reconstruction, replacement of plastic tube and lightning conductor rod of stall blades, blade skin replacement, blade tip replacement (without blade dismounting), spinners, nacelles etc.